“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of Democracy, therefore is Education” – Franklin D. Roosevelt. How well do we know our representatives? How good are they? How hard is it to reach out to them? Are the promises made at elections, executed? How is the people’s fund being utilized? And many more relative questions – How many articles/news feed/blogs/news-papers/journals do you have to look for the information? Well, Yugasys is bringing out a one stop solution and building a dedicated mobile-web platform for Politics “Elections Tracker”. This is a step by step initiative taken for the betterment of society and bring a collective responsibility in choosing the right candidates to rule and voice out Democracy at its best way possible. Well the great Abraham Lincoln had quoted democracy as “Government of the people, by the people and for the people” in real times it is the representatives actions that public ends up following. This is a stage built to voice out your opinion regarding any public strategies built by the politicians. We as citizens see multiple issues every day on our way to work, at work, in our surroundings any public place you be at, we are creating a unique platform to bring those issues to the eye of our representatives.

What is Elections Trackers Beta ? Purpose and Objective:

Election Trackers is “A dedicated Social Networking platform for Politics”. It is an interactive structure to connect with location of interest and views irrespective of political influence. Our sole purpose behind Election Trackers is to utilize the social media impact on people towards something more productive and drive towards the progress of a better society. As per demographic statistics, a person anywhere between ages 18-55 years has an active involvement directly/indirectly in politics. Our objective is to inculcate interests among the younger generation by educating them to elect rightful political leaders and political progress in India. WELCOME TO DEMOCRACY 2.0

How are we different from other Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter?

Facebook and Twitter are great platforms for people to share moments of their life and connect with people you have worked with peers/admire/influential. You see a lot of new hot stories occupying for that day where after the moment is passed, there’s a new story that comes up fading away the old ones. Elections Trackers connects people with location, actively involves politics and keeps the poll/forum/discussion based on location followed by the user.

Elections Trackers brings people of same thoughts and issues together and come up with a solution. Elections Trackers is specifically designed for politics, anything that is posted beyond politics will be reported by the public and monitored by the company and removed from the news feed. Elections Trackers also provide access to search for relative political stories, news, statistics, facts, ideas, blogs etc to support your poll/discussion. You can tag your representative in the discussion and gain the attention towards the issue. You may also report any complaints/issues that you see and can post them anonymously/share your details. Election Trackers also allows you to share information to other social media if you would want to spread the word wide and bring more close attention towards the issue.

Election Trackers aims to track and appraise Elected Representatives by Crowdsourcing Information and verifying through inputs from local participation. This ensures Elected Representatives are appraised periodically and not just when Elections are around the corner. This process will help people to choose the right candidate and also Elected Representatives to view their own performance. Election Trackers aims to track and appraise each location on terms of Development, Corruption and Response index.

Who can use it?

Any age group with an interest in Politics and is computer/mobile literate enough to understand how to navigate the application is an eligible user. Currently, we have three types of registered users: 1) Registered Users - All users do have an option to sign with a valid mobile number. All will be scrutinized to avoid duplication of users.

2) Registered Voters – A unique Voter ID is present for every eligible voter in the country, signing up through this makes him/her a primary user.

We strictly do not encourage spam, biased following for a political party representative, abusive and violent users and exploitation of application for any individual or political reasons. Any content posted or framed in these circumstances would be blocked right away and the user account will be suspended based on the severity of action.

3) Registered Candidates – A candidate who is active in politics, signing up through this makes him/her a primary candidate. Registered candidates will have access to their personal workspace and provides efficient platform to connect with people.

Features ?

Version 1.0 is an integration of social media, a library to search for relative political content, history and track record of people’s representatives, a fact checker, promises tracker, connect with location, connect with people’s representatives irrespective of political party loyalty, share ideas, report complaints, know more about political events organized.